Microbial biotechnology exploits the colossal evolutionary and metabolic diversity microbial world. My research focuses on understanding how microorganisms function and interact in engineered ecosystems, such that we can better exploit them to meet societies major challenges: clean water, renewable resource management and sustainable food supply.

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BiofilmMost of my work has focused on the ecology of the activated sludge engineered ecosystem.

The MIDAS: Field Guide to the Microbes of Activated Sludge is a central on-line resource for both scientists and treatment plant operators that collects current knowledge about this ecosystem as a platform for improving the process.


Recirculating aquaculture is a sustainable way to meet consumer demands for fresh fish, but a successful aquaculture requires the effective use of microbes to treat the water and the effective control of unwanted bacteria producing off taste. My research has developed improved molecular tools to monitor these important organisms ans to optimise the operations of the plants.